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Our Wins Are Your Wins
Our Wins Are Your Wins

Case Results


Wrongful Death Truck Accident

Our client’s family member was operating a vehicle in the course and scope of his employment and had stopped along the side of the road due to mechanical issues.  Unfortunately, he was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer that swerved off the roadway.  We were able to settle the claim at mediation.


Pedestrian Struck by Delivery Truck

A delivery truck struck a pedestrian in his driveway causing fatal injuries.  The case was settled at mediation.


Policy Limit Wrongful Death Settlement

A driver inexplicably crossed the median on a limited access highway into oncoming traffic and struck our client’s vehicle head on. Our client suffered fatal injuries and passed away at the scene from blunt force trauma. 


Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was struck by a vehicle while she was attending to a dog that had been struck by another vehicle.  Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury, traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, rib fractures, tarsal and metatarsal fractures, multiple metacarpal fractures, talus fracture, ulna fracture, fibula fracture, sinus fracture, orbital wall fracture, and right mandibular condyle fracture.


Pizza Delivery Driver Broadsided

Our client was broadsided by an elderly driver while making deliveries with her own vehicle.  She suffered a debilitating nerve condition in her legs and was unable to return to work.  We settled her workers’ compensation claim and her claim against the at-fault driver.


Fatal Motorcycle Collision

A young driver pulled into the path of our client’s motorcycle.  Our client suffered fatal injuries and passed away within hours at the hospital.  Recovered policy limits of young driver and underinsured motorists policy limits from our client’s policies.


Mother Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident With a Coal Truck

Our client suffered blunt abdominal trauma from seatbelt and bimalleolar fracture of the right ankle which would require surgery.  A bimalleolar fracture is an ankle fracture that involves both the tibia and fibula, the lower leg bones that end on either side of the ankle.


Motor Vehicle Collision

Defendant was swerving his vehicle in both lanes of travel in the opposite direction of our client.   He struck the front driver’s side of our client’s vehicle spinning it around and then struck the driver’s side again, knocking her vehicle off the roadway.  Our client suffered a concussion, whiplash, cognitive disorder, adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood, and a mild traumatic brain injury.


Workers Compensation Settlement for Teacher Injured at Work

Our client was carrying supplies from her vehicle into the school and suffered a torn rotator cuff.  She underwent three surgeries to repair her shoulder.


Individual Injured by a Car While They Were Crossing in a Crosswalk

Our client was almost completely across the street when her leg was struck by a vehicle.  The blow caused her to spin around and fall into traffic, severely injuring her lower leg requiring surgery and months of rehabilitation.


Fall Caused By Large Dog

Our client knocked on door at neighbor’s house and a visiting guest allowed a large dog to get out the door knocking our client to the ground.  MRI revealed L3 vertebral compression fracture.  Our client underwent kyphoplasty, a procedure, where cement is surgically inserted into the vertebrae in an attempt to restore the original shape and configuration and relieve pain from spinal compression.


Injured Construction Worker

Client fell from a scaffolding suffering a complex right ankle injury which required multiple surgical procedures.  The claim was accepted as compensable and later settled under a Compromise & Release Agreement with the Employer/Insurer.


Driver Rear-Ended by Triaxle Truck

While operating in the course and scope of his employment, our client was rear-ended at a red light by a large triaxle truck.  Our client suffered severe cervical injuries which included a C3-4 right side acute disc herniation causing foraminal stenosis and righted facet arthropathy and underwent C3-C4 anterior cervical discectomy.


Slip and Fall Down Stairs

Our client was walking down exterior stairs and slipped and fell approximately seven steps due to frost accumulating from the night before.  She landed on both knees and suffered a torn meniscus and underwent surgery.


Rear-End Collision

Our client suffered a severe cervical injury along with a concussion causing concentration issues, memory loss, and fatigue.  She under cervical fusion of C4-5 but continued to have ongoing pain.  We were able to settle the claim for the tortfeasor’s policy limits.


Elbow Injury From Door at a Local Business

An elderly client suffered a severe laceration to his elbow from a hook on the inside of a bathroom door stall which was improperly installed below Code height.  He was later diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis, caused by the sudden blow to the elbow which resulted in swelling and pain of the tendon.


Fatal Injury After Falling Down Stairs

Our client’s family member was attending a party being held on the second floor of a garage.  The staircase did not have any handrails and was open to the concrete floor of the garage on the right.  The staircase was steeper than code, made of regular 2 x 6’s or 2 x 8’s, no pre-tabbed steps, not regular treads and the risers were not up to code.  Our client’s family member started up the steps to check on the children and stumbled on the staircase causing her to lose her balance and fall to the cement floor below.  She suffered a traumatic brain injury and sadly passed away as a result of her injuries.