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When a close family member has died, there are countless tasks to complete, as well as grieve the lost loved one. If you have been named the executor (personal representative) of your relative’s estate or you are to be a beneficiary, you are doing the right thing to look for legal counsel. Gieg & Jancula, LLC in Altoona is an established, respected law firm ready to provide the information and direction you need after a death in the family.

You no doubt respect the ultimate purpose of probate administration: to carry out the wishes of the decedent as expressed in the will, if there is one. If there is no will, your family member died intestate and the probate process will involve more steps and wait time. We, the attorneys at Gieg & Jancula, LLC, are ready to assist regardless of what estate planning documents and tools were in place.

For three generations, our attorneys have carefully assisted with probate and estate administration. Our experience strengthens our perspective for every new case we encounter. You can rely on our talents and integrity to honor your loved one while we help you overcome complications.

Resolve Your Loved One’s Estate Without Pressure

It can be difficult to juggle the responsibilities of settling a family member’s estate with the natural need to mourn with your family. Our probate lawyers respect your need for family time. We are prepared to get your case underway while you take the time to remember your loved one. We can help you resolve unexpected obstacles, such as will contests, while protecting your interests and helping you honor the wishes of the decedent.

Support Beyond Probate

The consequences of a loss are far-reaching, and our attorneys are available to support you with whatever legal counsel you need during this time. Whether you need assistance with trust administration, estate administration or other related matters, we can provide guidance.

Let Us Hear About Your Pennsylvania Probate-Related Concerns

We would like to know what is on your mind and explain how we can help. Call Gieg & Jancula, LLC at 814-946-1606 or email us to schedule a consultation regarding estate planning, probate or any legal matter.